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Talisman holds a 41% operated interest in Block PM-3 CAA PSC between Malaysia and Vietnam and associated production facilities. In addition, Talisman holds a 33% interest in Block 46-Cai Nuoc adjacent to PM-3 CAA and a 60% interest in each of Block PM-305 and Block PM-314. In Block PM-3 CAA, Talisman operates facilities referred to as the ‘‘Southern Fields’’ and the ‘‘Northern Fields.’’ Licenses in the PM-3 CAA are currently subject to negotiations for extension. A multi-well drilling program is ongoing at Block PM-3 CAA. Four wells were successfully drilled and completed and a fifth well was drilling at year-end.

Talisman holds a 70% working interest in exploration licences for SB-309 and SB-310, offshore Sabah in east Malaysia. The first commitment exploration well was drilled and abandoned in April 2013. Talisman holds a 60% equity interest and operatorship of the Kinabalu Oil PSC, which is a mature offshore oilfield in the Malaysian Sabah Basin. In 2013, one infill well was drilled at Kinabalu and production commenced in December 2013. A second infill well was drilling at year-end.

In 2013, Talisman’s net share of production in Malaysia averaged 38 mboe/d, which accounted for approximately 30% of Talisman’s total Southeast Asia production.

Talisman plans to continue its multi-well rejuvenation program at Kinabalu throughout 2014 and drill up to four exploration wells in Sabah. At PM-3 CAA, Talisman plans to drill nine infill wells and three exploration wells in 2014.

Description and data as of March 3, 2014. For more information please visit Talisman's 2013 Annual Information Form for more information.



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